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1. Beads.us's top 30 customers who have paid a specified amount for a single order and completed full payment from 2023 November 1st to 8th can receive a threshold free coupon.
2. When the fully paid order amount reaches $599, you can receive a $30 threshold free coupon. When the fully paid order amount reaches $999, you can receive a $50 threshold free coupon.
3. During this event, each user can only receive one threshold free coupon.
4. The total amount of the order will vary depending on the details of the order. Sorry to say if the order is cancelled or the modified amount does not meet the coupon acquisition criteria, the coupon cannot be obtained.
5. The threshold free coupon can be used together with other discounts and is valid from November 9th to December 31st, 2023.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping Promotion!
Valid only from 1st Nov 2023 to 30th Nov 2023.
During this period if the weight of your order must be over 21KG.
Only the orders which are fully paid for between 1st Nov 2023 to 30th Nov 2023. can be offered 'free shipping'.
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For Bank Transfer, the bank receipt of full payment must be received between 1st Nov 2023 to 30th Nov 2023.
Only chargeUS$ 0.99per kilogram for handling fee and packing fee.
For all free shipping orders, you can also enjoy promotional discounts at the same time.
All free shipping orders will be shipped by UPS, Fedex and DPD delivery, take 20-25 days.

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