Resealable Plastic Zip Lock Bag PET Sold By PC

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      6*8cm (inner size 4.8*5)6*10cm (inner size 4.8*7)6*15cm (inner size 4.8*12)6*22cm (inner siz6*30cm (inner size 4.8*27)7*10cm (inner size 5.8*7)7*18cm (inner size 5.8*15)7*20cm (inner si7*25cm (inner size 5.8*22)7.5*12cm (inner size 6.3*9)8*11cm (inner size 6.8*8)8*13cm (inner size 6.8*10)8*15cm (inner size 6.8*12)8*20cm (inner size 6.8*17)8*30cm (inner size 6.8*27)9*12cm (inner size 7.8*9)9*14cm (inner size9*16cm (inner size 7.8*13)9*25cm (inner size 7.8*22)10*10cm (inner size 8.8*7)10*13cm (inner size 8.8*10)10*18cm (inner size 8.8*110*22cm (inner size 8.8*19)10.5*15cm (inner size 9.3*12)11*16cm (inner size 9.8*13)11*18cm (inner size 9.8*15)11*19cm (inner size 9.8*16)11*20cm (inner size 9.8*17)12*15cm (inner size 10.8*12)12*18cm (inner size 10.8*15)12*20cm (inner size 10.8*17)12*22cm (inner size 10.8*19)12*30cm (inner size 10.8*27)13*21cm (inner size 1113*25cm (inner size 11.8*22)13*28cm (inner size 11.8*25)13*35cm (inner size 11.8*32)14*17cm (inner size 12.8*14)14*20cm (inner size 12.8*17)14*22cm (inner size 12.8*19)14*24cm (inner size 12.8*21)14*26cm (inner size 12.8*23)15*15cm (inner size15*18cm (inner size 13.8*15)15*20cm (inner size 13.8*17)15*22cm (inner size 13.8*19)16*20cm (inner size 14.8*116*22cm (inner size 14.8*19)16*24cm (inner size 14.8*21)16*26cm (inner size 14.8*2316*30cm (inner size 14.8*27)16*32cm (inner size 14.8*29)16*41cm (inner size 14.8*38)17*25cm (inner size 15.8*22)18*20cm (inner size 16.8*17)18*24cm (inner size 16.8*21)18*26cm (inner size 16.8*23)18*34cm (inner size 16.8*31)19*21cm (inner size 17.8*18)19*23cm (inner size 17.8*20)20*22cm (inner size 18.8*18)20*27cm (inner size 18.8*24)20*30cm (inner size 18.8*27)20*40cm (inner size 18.8*37)21*26cm (inner size 19.8*23)22*30cm (inner size 20.8*27)22*32cm (inner size 20.8*29)23*33cm (inner size 21.8*30)24*36cm (inner size 22.8*33)25*35cm (inner size 23.8*32)26*28cm (inner size 24.8*25)26*30cm (inner size 24.8*27)26*34cm (inner size 24.8*31)26*36cm (inner size 24.8*33)26*38cm (inner size 24.8*35)30*30cm (inner size 28.8*30*36cm (inner size 28.8*33)33*33cm (inner size 28.8*3030*40cm (inner size 28.8*37)32*45cm (inner size 30.8*42)35*45cm (inner size 33.8*42)

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