Zinc Alloy European Clip

- Zinc Alloy European Clips are designed to fit onto the two notches on your european charm bracelet. As the name suggests, the clips have an openable design that allows you to clip them on the notches once open and to be locked in place over these notches. Beads.us available in a range of European clips in different metial from Sterling Silver, Brass, Zinc Alloy and so forth. If you have a european charm bracelet, you are very much aware of the need for european clips or, in other cases, spacers. But how exactly do you know when to use the clips and when to use the spacers, and more importantly. In this collection you can find a special european clip to separate your charms into sections and balance your bracelet to prevent stretching. More kind of new style clasps are added soon, welcome to place order at Beads.us and feel free to contact us if any question.

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